Artists Tour to France

April 14-21, 2019


Join Mary on the 4th trip she’s led for Travel Fever Tours, this time to Vaison de la Romaine in Provence.

Mary is the resident artist and instructor for Travel Fever Tours April 2019 trip to Vaison de la Romaine. Vaison is in fact three towns in one. Lying some 30 minutes from the Rhone River in southern France, it contains a medieval city, complete with a castle and narrow, winding, cobble-stoned streets. Across the river, there are the archeological remains of a roman town that once thrived in this area. And in-between you find a thriving commercial town with shops, restaurants and an engrossing open-air market every Tuesday. And all of this is in easy walking distance of our hotel.

You can explore and paint in the Medieval, Roman or commercial parts of town. And beyond Vaison we will explore the area’s many lovely villages with the chance to paint the many fields covered in vineyards and olive groves.