Spring-time Artist Tour to Dordogne, France

May 14-21, 2020


Join Mary on the 5th trip she’s led for Travel Fever Tours, this time to the town of Sarlat, a lovely town in the Dordogne region of France.

The heart of Sarlat is a large pedestrian area within what was once a walled medieval city. The town hosts two open-air markets each week and features both open plazas and narrow passageways leading out from the center. And all of this is in easy walking distance of our hotel.

In Sarlat you’ll be free to observe French life as you wander the small streets and alley ways of this ancient town, admiring the old houses and the climbing, red roses. In addition to an excursion to a majestic chateaux with lovely and large gardens, you will enjoy two French markets held on different days directly in Sarlat.

With easy train connections to this part of France, you can easily add a stay in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse or elsewhere onto the start or finish of this tour. And it is easy to arrange to fly into one place, such as Toulouse, and out of another, such as Paris or Marseille.